Tuesday, May 4, 2010


destruction and loss of life as a result of
this past weekend's rain deluge. It is so hard
to comprehend the level of devastation.

My heart goes out to family and friend's who
have suffered any loss of life, property, etc.

While I know our area had our share of the
epic rain, our neighbors south of us took a
huge brunt of Mother Nature. So many people
have lost their life, homes, businesses, jobs, etc.

I applaud Gaylord Opryland Hotel for keeping their
employees on payroll while this major icon is shut
down indefinitely. The recent videos of the hotel
under 10-15 feet of water are jaw dropping.......
It remains to be seen whether CKC in August
will be at this venue.

In spite of the inclement weather over the weekend,
and the scarey driving situations, for several of you -
I did enjoy our scrappin time and know these times are
precious and few indeed.

I want to say a special thank you to Brande and Richard
for coming out and taking our group photo as well as
capturing some awesome flood pics!